Transportation Faux Pas

We had one week of school after winter break before a snow storm hit. Unlike where I grew up in Colorado, this area is unequipped for snow and the slightest bit means school is closed. We had about a foot total, which means our school district shut down Monday through Wednesday. The district had a late start on Thursday, but canceled all out-of-district transportation for that day. They did the same thing last year.  

I sent the following email to the Associate Director for Special Services for our area of the district:

We live in [City] in the XYZ School District (XYZSD). My seventh grade son, SK13, goes to school out of district at Really Awesome School (RAS) and has transportation included in his IEP.

RAS was open today, but XYZSD was closed, so I understand why we had no transportation today.

We just got a message from XYZSD stating that they are on a two-hour late start tomorrow and buses will be running, but out-of-district transportation will not. That means that SK13 will not have access to school even though both the district and his school are open. They did the same thing last year during the snow storms.

I’m guessing that most out-of-district transportation is for kids on IEPs, which means they are denying access for kids with special needs.

To whose attention should I bring this to have it addressed?

It has now been 10 days since I sent that email with no response, so tonight I forwarded the original email to SK13’s IEP case manager and copied both the original Special Services Associate Director and her boss, the Director of Special Services.

Hi Katie,

I sent my original email to the Associate Director for our learning community because this issue affects a broad swath of students, not just SK13. Since I haven’t heard back from her, I’ve decided to bring it to your attention so that we can get it resolved for SK13, at least.

In the aftermath of the snow storms for the past two years, SK13 has been denied the transportation to his out-of-district school that is provisioned in his IEP while transportation was provided to students in-district.

Transportation ran on snow routes with the schools on late start, so it follows that out-of-district transportation should have done the same. Instead it was canceled.

How do we fix this going forward?


Not sure what will come of this, but I’m going to keep at it. 

We had one full week of school after winter break, then snow week where the boys went to school on Thursday only, then a week with a Monday holiday and Tuesday in-service so that the boys were in school only Wednesday and Thursday. 

I NEED these kids to go back to school before I lose my freaking mind. Well, lose it any more than I already have. 

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  1. I’m glad you are pushing this. I know most just suck it up and drive their kids, opening the door to losing their transportation. It will be interesting seeing where this goes.

    On a happier note, your bus pics are rad 😀


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