Topsy-Turvy Tuesday on Thursday

My original intention was to post artsy/random stuff on Tuesdays, calling it Topsy-Turvy Tuesday, and more serious topics on what I would call Thoughtful Thursday. I find alliteration awesome. 

There have been major website shenanigans that I exacerbated in the effort to fix, so I missed last Thursday as well as this Tuesday. If you can see this, it’s all worked out. If not, then it’s a moot point because seeing it means that it’s fixed. I love the symmetry of circular logic. 

Even though today is Thursday, I’m going to talk about art because I didn’t get to do it on Tuesday. Plus, that’s what I want to talk about and it’s my blog, so just pipe down inner critic. 

Continuing the pet portraits for friends – still need a name, BTW – here is D’s kitty Koshka:

D apologized for all the fluff in the pic, but it’s the fluffiness that made this so fun to work with. So fun, in fact, that I couldn’t limit myself to just one. Here’s the second image:

I’ve been referring to the fur-parents by their first initial so far, but I’m going to call this next friend KB. Originally, this was to distinguish her from K in the last post, but I now realize it’s a nickname for Kristen Bell, who I love almost as much as my KB, so now it is a nickname for both. I haven’t informed my KB of this yet, so heads up lady. I digress…

KB sent me two poses of her Kady, so I did a portrait for each pose: 

I’m not sure which one I prefer. KB says the one looking off in the distance is more Kady-esque, so probably that one. 

I’ve been asking the fur-parents to fill out a survey on pricing and I’d like to extend that to anyone willing to take a minute to answer a couple of questions:

I would truly appreciate your time and help!

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