They Are Finally At School

They are finally at school.

Image of empty chairs in a classroom
Empty classroom chairs

You’ll remember from our last discussion that Snowmageddon in the greater Seattle area caused our boys to miss almost two weeks of school. In general, schools were open on the Wednesday, but with a late start, so out-of-district transportation was canceled and my boys were stranded at home. They went to school both Thursdays, although transportation FORGOT to go get them after school on 2/14/19, so Kowalski had to get them. Happy Valentines Day, honey!

As an extra, added bonus, our out-of-district school follows the holiday schedule for a different district. Our district midwinter break was Thursday through Monday, February 14th, 15th, and 18th, but our school midwinter break was Monday through Friday, February 18th through 21st. So, while our neighborhood went back to school last week, my kids were stuck at home. And, unlike the preceding snow days, there were no other kids around the neighborhood to play with.

With autistic people, being off schedule is hard, but returning to a schedule is even harder. So, as much as I wanted today to come, I have been dreading it, too.

Rico managed to get out the door without too much trouble. He was exhausted last night, fell asleep on the couch, and decided to leave his bath until morning. My alarm didn’t go off – or I turned it off in my sleep, more likely – and Rico was uncharacteristically still sleeping when I did get up. There was still almost an hour before the car would arrive to take the boys to school, but Rico feels overwhelmingly rushed on days when he has his usual three hours to get ready, so he opted not to take a shower this morning, either. I can’t remember when he took his last one, so I hope the teachers can stand the smell of him today. I couldn’t smell him, but I haven’t showered in several days at this point, either, so I’m probably not the best judge.

Then there’s Private. He has griped at us every time we’ve mentioned school starting back up over the last few days. This is necessary, though, because he would have blamed us for not telling him otherwise. This morning, I woke him up right after I woke Rico, then woke him again five minutes later. And again five minutes after that. The third time, I watched him get out of bed. He was awake enough by that time to shout an angry, “OK!” at me, so I went to make breakfast.

When I got to the kitchen, I saw Rico sitting in his pajamas playing on his iPad. I asked if he was going to get dressed after breakfast and he said he’d rather do it before AND RAN OFF TO GO DO IT. That is a fundamental difference between our two children. One is a morning person and the other is incredibly not.

Once I had Rico settled with his breakfast, I went to remind Private that he had about half an hour before transportation arrived, but he wasn’t in his room or the bathroom. I found him curled up on the couch under a blanket fast asleep. I woke him again, he yelled, “FINE!” and I went back to the kitchen to feed the dog and make my own breakfast. Private appeared at the table a few minutes later, still in his pajamas. I told him he needed to go get dressed for school.

“No,” he said.

“You can’t wear pajamas,” I said.

“I CAN WEAR WHAT I WANT!” he screamed at me.

I raised my eyebrows, “To school?” I asked.

“ARGH!” he screamed, picking up his iPad to take with him.

“No iPad until you’re dressed, remember,” I said evenly. He put it down, glaring at me before he stomped off to get dressed.

From his room, he yelled, “I HATE SCHOOL!” Then, “I’M NOT GOING TO SCHOOL!” I could almost hear him remember the rule that, if you are too sick for school, you’re too sick to play video games or go outside. “I didn’t mean that,” he said. He appeared a few minutes later having donned a long-sleeved t-shirt with a hood that was pulled up over his head and a pair of sweats so old that they were now somewhere between capris and Bermuda shorts. Through hard-won experience, I know that is a battle not worth fighting, so I told him to eat his breakfast and left it at that.

When the car got here, I opened the door to let the boys out and our dog decided she was going too. I chased her down and got her back inside before the boys were even ready to move out the door. Private asked where his headphones were and I told him I had no idea. I’m sure he was cursing me for not finding them for him, but I don’t really care.

Image of a woman holding an empty wine glass to her forehead.
Can someone please fill this up for me?

I didn’t actually look at his feet, but I’m pretty sure he was wearing Rico’s flip-flops because he reluctantly told us last night that none of his own shoes fit him anymore. I need to solve that issue today because Rico is not happy about sharing his shoes with his brother and I can’t blame him. So that’s the problem I will attempt to solve today; my first day with the house all to myself.

This rant has been brought to you courtesy of Snowmageddon 2019.


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