Tacos for Everyone!

SK11 eats most crackers and chips, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip waffles, Dairy Queen chicken, Pizza Hut thin crust cheese pizza, and an occasional hot dog. That’s it. We make at least one trip to DQ every day because he won’t eat reheated chicken. He can also tell the difference between our town’s DQ and the ones in the nearest two towns – has to be our town’s chicken.

We’ve tried everything, but this is a mix of sensory issues and anxiety that comes down to him being able to relax enough to try a new food.

We’ve been dancing around the idea of trying tacos for a couple of years without success until now.

He decided a few days ago that he would try a taco, so I made him one. He thought it looked too stuffed with meat, so I dumped half of it out on his plate. He gave me a wary look, but I made a silly face and he laughed. I showed him how you have to turn the taco and your head to eat it and he actually took a bite! And gave me a thumbs up! And ate the rest of the taco. I ate the meat that was left behind on the plate. 

AND he just asked to have tacos for dinner tonight.

Michelle's Tacos

I like to use McCormick’s Chili Powder, probably because it’s what I grew up with, but whatever you have on hand is fine. 

  • Course
    • Main Course


  • 1 pound ground beef, preferably grass-fed
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 tsps cumin
  • 3 tsps chili powder
  • 1 lime, juiced



Mix spices together in a small bowl. Set aside.
Juice lime and set that aside, too.


Brown ground beef.
When all the pink is gone, stir in spices.
When the beef is covered in spices, add lime juice and stir again. 


Cook for an additional minute to let the lime juice soak in. 

Serve in hard taco shells with no toppings for SK11; offer other kinds of tortillas and add cheese, sour cream, etc. for everybody else. I also like to serve refried beans mixed with cheese, hot sauce, and lime juice alongside. 

And no, I do not serve lettuce or tomatoes because yuck. Lettuce belongs in salads and sub sandwiches with vinegar and tomatoes belong in tomato sauce, not messing up my tacos. SK11 is not the only one in our family with serious food aversions. 

One last thing: I found this juicer with a cup included that has made my life SO much easier. Highly recommend it for the limes in this recipe.

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