T is for Thanksgiving and T-Rex Conga Lines

Thanksgiving has always been my least favorite holiday, even before I realized the issues with its origin and the marginalization of Native Americans. I started to write about why, but decided to save that for another blog post because this one is really about one particular thing I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving: my blog being fixed. 

Just as I was launching more image-dependent posts, my blog lost the ability to display those images. Most of the issues were caused by my former hosting company, D9. If you’re looking for hosting, look elsewhere. I highly recommend my new hosting company, Mom Webs.  

Image of a T-rex howling
Image by tony241969 from Pixabay

At the height of my stressing, I found relief in playing with some T-rex images. I started with this one: 

I liked several different versions, so I decided to make a conga line of T-rex:

Lots of T-rex in a row

There were two other poses for this T rex available on Pixabay:

Image of a T-rex looking displeased
Image by Reaper DZ from Pixabay
Image by tony241969 from Pixabay

I decided to apply the same process to each and then make a combined conga line, this time with Santa hats:

You’re welcome. 

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