Lucky Dog Rescue

This is Lucky. My friend, Amy, shared a Facebook post about him from the Cane Rosso Rescue and I fell in love. 

Here’s the information from his FB post:

Image of a black dog with white spotted paws and soulful brown eyes lying on a red blanket.

Lucky is a fan favorite of everyone at the rescue. He thought he had found his forever home this weekend, but he has been waiting so long for his perfect family that he was jealous of his adopted brother.

Lucky is 9 years old and his owner became too old to care for him anymore. As hard as we try, he is SO unhappy at the rescue. He knows what a loving home and family looks like, and he misses it terribly. Lucky has a lot of life left in him, but with all of the sadness we have seen lately, our greatest wish is for this boy to find a family.

Lucky loves to give hugs, snuggle, and wants to be your very best friend. He has no problem being around dogs out in public, and we don’t know that he wouldn’t be fine eventually with another dog in his home. He is just desperately missing love and attention from people. Lucky is a large dog and is very strong, which has made it hard to find him the perfect family. Please help us share his story so we can get him back on a couch and in the arms of someone who needs that big bear hug as much as he needs them.

Visit to apply.

I live too far away to adopt him, not to mention my own rescue dog would not be pleased with me if I did, but I can share my dog art. I’ve been playing with his pictures for several days and here are some of the results:

Excessive? Yeah, I know. I really love his spotty forelegs and underbite, though.

If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and are interested in being his forever family, go check him out. You’d be lucky to have him in your life. See what I did there?

If you do adopt him, send me a picture of him and I’ll send you a cleaned-up high-resolution image of one of the portraits above. Your choice which. 

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