Logo Time

I’ve been trying to come up with a logo for My Uncommon Creatures Digital Portraits for several months. First, I found a drawing of a narwhal I liked and applied my process to it to make this:

Unfortunately, I then found out that the place I had purchased the original image doesn’t allow their images or any derivatives thereof to be sold on products or used as logos. It was in the fine print on their website and NOT on the third-party website deal where I purchased the credits. 

Not deterred so easily, I drew my own version and applied my process to that:

Although I like the narwhal itself, it just didn’t seem right for my logo. I realized it’s because it’s generated from a drawing as opposed to a photograph. I will probably use him in a children’s book at some point, but I was back to the drawing board for the logo.

I looked over the portraits I have done so far and Barley’s face jumped out at me. He was just what I wanted. 

Here is my new logo for Uncommon Creatures:

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