Llamas and Elephants

I’ve been trying to finish my blog post on Courtney Milan’s The Brothers Sinister series for several days because I wanted to post it today. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of talking noise in my house these days and it makes concentration difficult, to say the least. I get overwhelmed with the noise and my thoughts ricochet around in my noggin.

SK11’s school desk is right outside my office door. Right now his science teacher is trying to help him do something with a PDF and her instructions of “No, no, the other one. Did you close it or minimize it? No, you have to close it. The one on the left. No, your other left. Did you close it or minimize it? Okay, now attach it. The paperclip. No, the paperclip…(talking to her daughter) Who was that at the door? What did they say? (to SK11) No, the doorbell wrang, so she has to…(to her daughter) No, nobody can come in because we’re doing social distancing…(to SK11) No, don’t close me, just minimize that one…(to her daughter) Yes, because Grandma…(to SK11) What’s your screen background color? Let’s change it…It looks yellow now, but I promise it will be better for your eyes in the long run…” are making the screams rise in my throat. 

Headphones are a challenge for me because they often trigger nerve pain in my right ear, so I use them sparingly. Even so, I may have to resort to them this afternoon. 

I’m still hoping I can post on the books tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m going to share my latest digital art images. 

Stylized image in orange, black, and white of three llamas relaxing in front of mountains in the background.

I love these Llamas. SK11 isn’t so sure about them because he can see their butts. I still love them. They will be my first canvas offerings on Etsy. I’ve set up the listing and am just waiting for my vendor to get back to me with shipping information so I can post it. 

Stylized image in blues and greens of a baby elephant nuzzling her mama's side.

I love this mama and elephant, too. I need to fix the areas around the bodies because it’s kind of pixelated. I’ve already fixed most of the baby, so you can see how that differs from the mom’s trunk. I may put on my headphones and work on that until school is out. It’s still noisy then, as SK11 is well-known for narrating every aspect of his life, but at least I only have to listen to one side of that conversation. 

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