Executive Functioning A to Z

Ambient conversation is still frying my brain today.

A few years ago, I went to a three-day conference on executive functioning by Sarah Ward. It was inspiring and I knew it would be a game changer for us. Unfortunately, there was so much information and I found it so difficult to implement on my own, let alone explain to people so they could help, that I didn’t end up doing much with it. 
They had a webinar with a condensed version of the talk last Saturday and it was amazing; everything I wanted to take away from the three-day conference. It was only condensed in that they didn’t have break out sessions with hands-on learning, but she tried to pack almost as much information into a three-hour talk. She ended up adding a recording of a second talk to finish up. I haven’t watched the second recording yet, just got the link a few minutes ago, but I’m super excited to see it. 

The Get Ready, Do, Done system Sarah has created is relevant for any task from homework to chores and especially for the online learning our kids are currently trying to adjust to. I’m making Sparky watch it and hooping to introduce it to the kids over the next few weeks. 

The replay of the recordings is available for purchase through the end of May. You don’t get to keep the recordings; access expires at the end of May, so you’d need to watch before then. 

Here’s the link to register: Executive Functioning-Everything from A-Z

I can’t recommend this highly enough. Seriously, it’s a game changer. 

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