Have a Picture

In light of everything going on in the world right now, I’m playing with art. I chose a picture that from about four years ago that gives me warm fuzzies. Original photograph 1 2 3 4 Which do you like best? 

Cancer Sucks

Today’s post was going to be about illustrations for my children’s book and why the launch was delayed a week, but I am postponing that to talk about the phone call I just had from my doctor. A little history first: Over the past six years, I’ve had six wonderful, contemporary friends stricken with cancer. … Read more

Gino’s New Home

Image of a young boy laying on a brown dog on a couch.

On Sunday, Gino is going to live somewhere else. That feels really weird, but it’s absolutely what needs to happen. Let me exlain… In May 2017, I heard through a friend of a friend posting for another friend in a Facebook group that there was a dog being rehomed because his family was in a … Read more

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