Memphis in Glass

Stylized image of a cat with its head stuck in a glass of water.

My friend, who I call Soul Sister, sent me pictures of three of her cats. The first is Nicodemus, the awesome cat she had when we met 25 years ago. Next up is Black Olive, who apparently has a dark soul to match her coat. 🙂 Finally there is Memphis. I was having trouble with … Read more

Topsy-Turvy Tuesday on Thursday

My original intention was to post artsy/random stuff on Tuesdays, calling it Topsy-Turvy Tuesday, and more serious topics on what I would call Thoughtful Thursday. I find alliteration awesome.  There have been major website shenanigans that I exacerbated in the effort to fix, so I missed last Thursday as well as this Tuesday. If you … Read more

Pet Portraits

I’ve been learning some new artsy techniques with photos. I was using them on a public domain image of a border collie in snow. Here is the before and after: I love the result so much that I decided to use my alluring new wiles on photos of pets and offer them for sale.  I … Read more

Shark and Our Fantastic OT

I had a choir concert last weekend. Two, actually, and two dress rehearsals. It was fun, especially watching Jake pirouette. Maybe you had to be there for that.  The really exciting thing about last weekend, though, was that I came home from the Sunday matinee to a box of books. Books are always exciting for … Read more

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