Topsy-Turvy Tuesday on Thursday

My original intention was to post artsy/random stuff on Tuesdays, calling it Topsy-Turvy Tuesday, and more serious topics on what I would call Thoughtful Thursday. I find alliteration awesome.  There have been major website shenanigans that I exacerbated in the effort to fix, so I missed last Thursday as well as this Tuesday. If you … Read more

Pet Portraits

I’ve been learning some new artsy techniques with photos. I was using them on a public domain image of a border collie in snow. Here is the before and after: I love the result so much that I decided to use my alluring new wiles on photos of pets and offer them for sale.  I … Read more


I joined a mom’s group after Private was born. One day, on maybe our fourth meeting, we were going around the group talking about the new things our babies were doing and the leader had to stop in the middle to address the fact that I was weeping uncontrollably. Private was not sleeping for more … Read more

Autism Acceptance Month

I’ve been concentrating so hard on slogging through the depression currently dominating my emotional landscape that I forgot April is Autism Acceptance Month. A friend reminded me this morning by posting the video below. IMO, it hits all the most important information about autism, so I’m going to let it speak for me today and … Read more


I posted last week’s blog, Depression, on Facebook and a friend commented that, “This is one of the clearest descriptions of depression I have every read.” There’s no way for me to express how much that means to me, but I’m going to try anyway. When I was in my mid-twenties, my father married a … Read more


I am depressed. It hasn’t been this bad since second semester of my freshman year of college. I haven’t showered in four days, haven’t changed clothes in three. I stay up late into the night and sleep or mindlessly play video games or watch videos all day. I avoid doing things I know I like … Read more

They Are Finally At School

Image of a woman holding an empty wine glass to her forehead.

They are finally at school. You’ll remember from our last discussion that Snowmageddon in the greater Seattle area caused our boys to miss almost two weeks of school. In general, schools were open on the Wednesday, but with a late start, so out-of-district transportation was canceled and my boys were stranded at home. They went … Read more

But Not for You

I should just go back to bed until it’s tomorrow. Trouble with that is I’m not expecting tomorrow to be any better. Oh, right, and I have kids home to take care of. You see, it snowed on Sunday in the Seattle area. We’re not used to that and we tend to freak out a … Read more

The Ineffectuality of Me

I got Rico some chicken so that he’d have something to eat when he got home home from school, since there’s nothing I can send to school with him to eat and he won’t buy or eat anything from the food trucks there. I told him the other day that I would ask his advisor … Read more

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