Tacos for Everyone!

SK11 eats most crackers and chips, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip waffles, Dairy Queen chicken, Pizza Hut thin crust cheese pizza, and an occasional hot dog. That’s it. We make at least one trip to DQ every day because he won’t eat reheated chicken. He can also tell the difference between our town’s DQ and … Read more

Have a Picture

In light of everything going on in the world right now, I’m playing with art. I chose a picture that from about four years ago that gives me warm fuzzies. Original photograph 1 2 3 4 Which do you like best? 

Lucky Dog Rescue

This is Lucky. My friend, Amy, shared a Facebook post about him from the Cane Rosso Rescue and I fell in love.  Here’s the information from his FB post: Lucky is a fan favorite of everyone at the rescue. He thought he had found his forever home this weekend, but he has been waiting so … Read more

Logo Time

I’ve been trying to come up with a logo for My Uncommon Creatures Digital Portraits for several months. First, I found a drawing of a narwhal I liked and applied my process to it to make this: Unfortunately, I then found out that the place I had purchased the original image doesn’t allow their images … Read more

Transportation Faux Pas

We had one week of school after winter break before a snow storm hit. Unlike where I grew up in Colorado, this area is unequipped for snow and the slightest bit means school is closed. We had about a foot total, which means our school district shut down Monday through Wednesday. The district had a … Read more

Memphis in Glass

Stylized image of a cat with its head stuck in a glass of water.

My friend, who I call Soul Sister, sent me pictures of three of her cats. The first is Nicodemus, the awesome cat she had when we met 25 years ago. Next up is Black Olive, who apparently has a dark soul to match her coat. 🙂 Finally there is Memphis. I was having trouble with … Read more

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