What to Watch

I have a reputation in my family for choosing awesome entertainment content in terms of story. I thought I’d share some of my favorites to binge, since we’re all cooped up right now. I’ll indicate the ones that are available on Netflix.  TV recommendations: Derry Girls (Netflix) – Totally family friendly and one of my … Read more

Don’t Think About Elephants

I was up really late working last night, so I’m short on words today. Just sitting here trying to work up the energy to go to the store while not thinking about elephants.  Oops. I did it again. And again. Dammit! Awww, come on! How am I supposed to not think about that level of … Read more

Llama Tell You About the Lonely

Close up image of a llama chewing on a table in vibrant blues and reds

Before I made the dog image that set me on the path to creating Uncommon Creatures, I was fiddling around with two photographs. One was a little girl with a stuffed lion. I thought it was sweet and bleak at the same time.  Now that I’m looking at it, I realize it’s mostly bleak. And … Read more

Bear Snow Ball Fight

I got distracted by bears this afternoon.  First I made these images and can’t decide which I like better: Then I made these two: And these with a cute little bear playing hide-and-seek: These guys are looking for him: Then I found these two images: And decided they’d been having a snowball fight. I made … Read more

Executive Functioning A to Z

Ambient conversation is still frying my brain today. A few years ago, I went to a three-day conference on executive functioning by Sarah Ward. It was inspiring and I knew it would be a game changer for us. Unfortunately, there was so much information and I found it so difficult to implement on my own, … Read more

Llamas and Elephants

Stylized image in orange, black, and white of three llamas relaxing in front of mountains in the background.

I’ve been trying to finish my blog post on Courtney Milan’s The Brothers Sinister series for several days because I wanted to post it today. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of talking noise in my house these days and it makes concentration difficult, to say the least. I get overwhelmed with the noise and my thoughts … Read more

Counting Courtney Milan

Last fall/winter there was a hullabaloo that ripped Romance Writers of America (RWA) asunder. I will flub things if I try to explain it here, so I won’t, but feel free to check out this article on Jezebel or this post from Smart Bitches. Basically, Courtney Milan, herself a woman of color, pointed out racism … Read more

Audio Performers

My audiobook listening spree, while not allowing me to post very often because I’m too busy feeding my new obsession, has brought me two new favorite authors: Courney Milan (who I will post about tomorrow) and Molly Harper.  The first book of Molly Harper’s I read was Changeling: A Novel of Sorcery and Society. It’s … Read more

And Now Videos

Sparky keeps coming into my office to tell me how bored he is. This does not bode well for retirement. Assuming we can ever retire. He brings our dog, Annie, with him every time. Well, every time she’s not already in here. Most of the time, she demands my attention, too, but sometimes she sits … Read more


Serious little girl with blue eyes wearing gray dress sitting on sofa in living room and using smartphone to listen to audiobook in headphones. with text that says audiobooks are cool

I can’t read comic books. I love the superhero stories, but have only been able to connect with them on film and television. There’s too much visual information on the page for my brain to process. I don’t know where to look or what order to read things. It’s much more complicated than that, of … Read more

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