About Michelle

I am the autistic mom of two autistic boys. We’ve also got ADHD and anxiety running rampant in the three of us. Dad’s not technically on the spectrum, but he hovers around pretty close.

I used to blog at Life with the Quirky Boys about our adventures navigating life with autism. Both boys are tweens now, though, and I want to be even more protective of their privacy now. They will, obviously, be a part of what I write about here because they are part of me, but they won’t be the main focus.

I also wanted to broaden my creative activities and begin to make tangible things. I started to design images for mugs and clothing and jewelry. Over the summer of 2018, I decided to write a children’s book…and I did. I realized I wanted to house these two endeavors under the same umbrella, so I formed a company.

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