Audio Performers

My audiobook listening spree, while not allowing me to post very often because I’m too busy feeding my new obsession, has brought me two new favorite authors: Courney Milan (who I will post about tomorrow) and Molly Harper.  The first book of Molly Harper’s I read was Changeling: A Novel of Sorcery and Society. It’s … Read more

And Now Videos

Sparky keeps coming into my office to tell me how bored he is. This does not bode well for retirement. Assuming we can ever retire. He brings our dog, Annie, with him every time. Well, every time she’s not already in here. Most of the time, she demands my attention, too, but sometimes she sits … Read more


Serious little girl with blue eyes wearing gray dress sitting on sofa in living room and using smartphone to listen to audiobook in headphones. with text that says audiobooks are cool

I can’t read comic books. I love the superhero stories, but have only been able to connect with them on film and television. There’s too much visual information on the page for my brain to process. I don’t know where to look or what order to read things. It’s much more complicated than that, of … Read more

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