Cancer Sucks

Today’s post was going to be about illustrations for my children’s book and why the launch was delayed a week, but I am postponing that to talk about the phone call I just had from my doctor. A little history first: Over the past six years, I’ve had six wonderful, contemporary friends stricken with cancer. … Read more

Gino’s New Home

Image of a young boy laying on a brown dog on a couch.

On Sunday, Gino is going to live somewhere else. That feels really weird, but it’s absolutely what needs to happen. Let me exlain… In May 2017, I heard through a friend of a friend posting for another friend in a Facebook group that there was a dog being rehomed because his family was in a … Read more

Shark Must Park!

I’ve been working on the same book for about 15 years. The same three books, actually. The sidekick in the original book kept trying to take over the story, so I told her she could have her own book after so she would pipe down. Then I wrote another book during National Novel Writing Month … Read more

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